Aria Doner Tudanger Biography

Aria Doner Tudanger (b.1979) is a visual artist, born in New York City and currently living in the Boston area. She earned her MFA from The San Francisco Art Institute (2008) and her BFA from Hampshire College (2003). Aria works in a variety of media (painting, drawing, sculpture, graphic design, and printmaking.)

Aria has attended residencies in France and Germany, and has exhibited in Europe and around the United States. She is also a member of the Cambridge Art Association of Cambridge, MA.

Aria's current focus is in sculpture, using readily-accessible materials (such as wood, latex paint, and plaster) in repetitious patterns to investigate questions about identity and individuality. Passionate about travel and the importance of immersing oneself in new environments, Aria pursues the quest for something "unnameable", something that connects all beings but still honors their inherent uniqueness.

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